Round 92 Changes


The arrival of the Swarm had left the world of Odarena in a state of chaos and turmoil. As the Arwe and Gorm factions briefly considered to unite against the common enemy breaking up from below the surface, an unexpected turn of events shifted the landscape of the battlefield. A massive Barbarian uprising erupted from the wildlands, taking advantage of the chaos and seizing territory from the already beleaguered factions. The Arwe and Gorm, still bitter rivals, found themselves redirecting their attention to defend against the relentless Barbarian onslaught.

Meanwhile, the Swarm engaged in smaller skirmishes with the Barbarians, but did not fully commit to overwhelming the surface. The Swarm’s tactics remained elusive, as if biding their time and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. The surface-dwelling factions of Odarena remained on edge, never knowing when or where the Swarm might unleash its full fury.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the Reptilians saw an opportunity. Emerging from their swampy domains, they began a campaign of conquest, seeking to capture land from any faction they encountered. The Reptilians, with their stealthy Horned Ones, powerful Scaled Ones, and formidable Blessed Ones, moved swiftly and decisively, catching their opponents off guard.

The Arwe and Gorm factions, preoccupied with fending off the Barbarian hordes, found themselves stretched thin and struggling to hold their territory against the Reptilian incursions. As the Reptilians continued to capture more land, they grew bolder, pushing deeper into Arwe, Gorm, and even Barbarian territory.

The inhabitants of Odarena found themselves in the midst of a brutal, multi-faceted conflict, with no end in sight. The Arwe and Gorm, still unable to put aside their longstanding rivalry, were unable to coordinate a unified defense against the Reptilian and Barbarian threats. The Barbarians, driven by their desire to expand and conquer, pressed on, further destabilizing the region.

As the Reptilians carved a path of conquest through the embattled lands of Odarena, they kept a watchful eye on the Swarm. They knew that the Swarm’s true intentions remained hidden, and the Reptilians remained prepared for the possibility of facing this enigmatic enemy in the future.

Odarena was a world in turmoil, with the Arwe, Gorm, Barbarians, Reptilians, and the Swarm all vying for control. The future remained uncertain, and the inhabitants of the land could only cling to the hope that they might somehow survive the chaos and forge a new path towards peace and prosperity. But for now, the struggle for survival continued, as the world of Odarena was torn apart by conflict and strife.


  • Expeditions enabled.
  • Theft and Sabotage restored.



  • Peasants produce 3 gold/tick.
  • Builds with gold and lumber.
  • Units:
    • Guard: 0/3 — 300 gold, 50 ore, 1 peasant — +300% casualties.
    • Foot Soldier: 2/1 — 300 old, 65 ore, 10 lumber, 1 peasant — +300% casualties.
    • Archer: 0/5 — 570 gold, 20 ore, 40 lumber, 1 draftee.
    • Mounted Blade: 5/3 — 1,220 gold, 200 ore, 1 draftee, 1 horse — plunders up to 4 ore and 2 lumber, returns two ticks faster.


  • Peasants produce 3 gold/tick.
  • Builds with gold and ore.
  • Draftees provide 1.5 DP.
  • Units:
    • Ogre: 0/6 — 600 gold, 150 ore, 1 draftee
    • Basher: 6/6 — 2,000 gold, 340 ore, 1 draftee — plunders up to 4 ore, 2 lumber, and 2 food, eats +0.25 food/tick.


  • Peasants produce 3 gold/tick.
  • Builds with gold and lumber.
  • Units:
    • Horned One: 4/2 — 1,100 gold, 1 draftee — counts as 1/2 spy.
    • Scaled One: 5/3 — 1,550 gold, 1 draftee — reduces casualties.
    • Blessed One: 0/7 — 1,100 gold, 1 draftee.


  • Peasants produce 3 gold/tick.
  • Builds with gold.
  • Traits:
    • Free rezoning.
    • Indestructible buildings.
  • Units:
    • Scorpion: 2/2 — 600 gold, 1 draftee.
    • Scarab: 0/2 — 450 gold, 1 draftee — produces 0.333 gems/tick.
    • Arachnid: 0/6 — 900 gold, 1 draftee — converts each killed enemy military power into 4 food per point.
    • Centipede: 7/4 — 2,500 gold, 1 draftee — -20% casualties on victory, converts each killed enemy military power into 4 food per point.


  • Not invented yet.


  • New — Bog (Reptilians only): produces 60 food/tick.
  • New — Chrysalis (Swarm only): increases improvements by 1% per 1%.
  • New — Granary: protects 25,000 food and 12,500 lumber from theft.
  • New — Mire (Reptilians only): houses 28 people.
  • New — Siftery (Reptilians only): produces 6 gems/tick, increases gem production by 0.50% per 1% (max +50%).
  • Stable changed from 2 to 1 horse/tick.
  • New — Trench (Reptilians only): +1% DP per 1%, -0.5% casualties on defense per 1%.
  • New — Vault: protects 25,000 gold, 10,000 ore, and 2,500 gems from theft.


  • Not invented yet.


  • Not established yet.


  • New — Agriculture: increases food production (40/10,000).
  • New — Construction: lowers construction and rezoning costs (-20/6,000).
  • New — Logging: increase lumber production (30/8,000).
  • New — Mining: increase ore production (30/8,000).


  • Not invented yet.


  • Not invented yet.


  • No changes.

Spells and Sorcery

  • Not discovered yet.


  • Enabled.


  • Enabled.


  • Chieftain: +2.50% offensive power,
  • Engineer, General, and Surveyor reinstated.

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