Round 12 Report

Hearing is returning to the deafened ears of the survivors. The sound of over 8,000 Siege Ships firing simultaneously will echo forever in the history books of Odarena.

Round 12 — Savages and Sinners — came to an unexpected and dramatic end.

It all started with a weak effort by the Commonwealth, with only one fighting Dwarf standing strong, which the Imperial forces exploited, although they suffered great damage under fireballs, lightning bolts, and other magical hardships. The Night Fallen Dimensionalists and legionaries of The Great Burning Shadow secured a strong lead, backed by a mighty Dragon. Attempts by Nox, Void, and Troll were subdued by the weaker members of the Commonwealth.

Unexpectedly — or perhaps not — the Growth severed ties physical ties to the Nox burial pits whence it came and abandoned the Empire to which it had been a loyal, but never understood, subject. It seized hostilities with the Commonwealth and effectively changed sides. Attempts by Commonwealth emissaries to establish communications were completely unreciprocated. As expected.

Barbarian hordes were harassing and overtaking the borderlands and both Commonwealth and Imperial forces were quick to claim the lands for their alignment.

All seemed said and done, when one morning the first 1,300 Siege Ships under command by Admiral Dtql set sail and took hundreds of acres from the Empire. Not even a day later, thousands more ships took thousands more acres from the bruised and battered Empire. This was followed by two massive raids of justice against the Barbarian horde, securing a definite and unquestionable victory for the Armada.

Well played, dtql!

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