Round 55 Changes


  • Lots of code clean-ups and trimming of the database. Should have no impact, or maybe save fractions of milliseconds of load times.
  • Info ops removed. Op Center and Intelligence replaced by Insight:
    • Only available once the round starts.
    • Real-time view of all advisors of all dominions which are not protection and whose rounds have started. This includes dominions in your own realm (and all past dominions/rounds).
    • You can obscure yourself from Insight by casting Sazal’s Fog.
      • An alternative solution is that everyone is hidden by default, unless you cast another spell (Sazal’s Vision?) on them, which makes them visible to your realm while active. This would require making the spell very easy to cast even against high WPA targets.
    • No historical data is preserved, but will be implemented through daily snapshots.
    • If this is a net negative impact on the game and poorly received (even after a couple of rounds), rolling back to the old info-ops system is doable.
  • Barbarians will no longer send if they are within 75% of the largest dominion and if that dominion is at least 4,000 acres (or more precisely, is at least [Round Target Land Size]/2).
  • Extended World News from three days to seven days.
  • Improvement resources are now tied to each factions. Default line up is 1 point per gold, 2 points per ore or lumber, and 12 points per gems. Faction perks that gave extra imp point perks have been removed and replaced with higher raw values. Shows up in Scribes.
  • Construction materials have undergone a similar technical change as improvement resources, but with no in-game changes.


  • Afflicted:
    • Abominations count as population and lose additional food consumption perk (instead of 0+0.125 they now eat regular 0.25).
    • Reaper changed to: 10/-1 — 600 gold, 80 food, 5% morale — increases casualties on offense, every 1 raw DP killed becomes 1 Abomination.
  • Beastfolk:
    • Perks
      • Barren forest provide 25 extra housing.
      • Can invest blood (only): 1,000 improvement points per blood.
    • Units
      • Goat Witch: 0/7 — 1,000 gold, 10 lumber — counts as 1/2 wizard on offense and 1/4 wizard on defense, immortal wizard.
      • Boar Man: 8/5 — 1,200, 100 ore — eats 0.25 extra food/tick, +2 OP if outnumbered (entire Beastfolk army being sent vs. all units + draftees defending), converts enemy casualties into 6 food and 0.1 blood per 1 OP/DP killed.
      • Blood Horn: 8/5 — 1,200 gold, 100 ore — eats 0.25 extra food/tick, +2 OP if target was recently invaded, converts enemy casualties into 0.3 blood per 1 OP/DP killed.
      • Minotaur: 8/5 — 1,200 gold, 100 ore — eats 0.25 extra food/tick, +2 OP if target is larger, converts enemy casualties into 4 food and 0.15 blood per 1 OP/DP killed.
  • Legion:
    • The Legion is back!
      • Taking from all corners of the Empire thousands of the strongest children of all factions and peoples that are physically and mentally capable of forming a single army, the Legion is a representation of the entire Empire for which Reptilians, Nomads, Nox, Dark Elves, and Orcs alike take up arms and unite under the Imperial banner for lifelong service.
      • Previous iterations of the Legion permitted units to display their people’s unique abilities. These have now been done away with an force that is completely devoted to the Empire, loyal to death to the throne.
      • The Elite Guard is made up of the most formidable Infantry and Protectors.
    • Perks
      • 80% salvage
      • Cannot release units
      • Max one per round
      • Minimum 10 rounds played
      • Starts with 1 Legate.
    • Units
      • Infantry: 8/4 — 700 gold, 200 ore — on victory, 5% return as Elite Guards; on fending off, 2.5% become Elite Guards, max 12,000 per Legate.
      • Protector: 6/8 — 800 gold, 200 ore — on victory, 5% return as Elite Guards; on fending off, 2.5% become Elite Guards, max 12,000 per Legate.
      • Elite Guard: 10/10 — cannot be trained, -50% casualties, increases prestige gains.
      • Legate: 0/0 — 500,000 gold — max 1 per net victory, provides 5% morale.
    • Annexation
      • The Legion has an invasion spell called Annexation, which triggers when it successfully invades a Barbarian. While annexed, a Barbarian’s army will come to the aid of the Legion on offense and defense, and its peasants work for the Legion.
      • The spell lasts for 48 ticks.
      • The Legion can annex any number of Barbarians.
      • The Legion gains raw OP and raw DP equal to the raw OP of the annexed Barbarians. The raw OP from annexed dominions is increased by the Legion’s OP mods on offense and by the Legion’s DP mods on defense. This number is shown publicly in the world view and on the Insight pages.
        • To make it absolutely clear: it is the raw OP that is added to the Legion’s OP and DP.
        • Legion OP: ([Legion's own raw OP] + [Annexed Barbarians' raw OP]) * [Legion's OP mods]
        • Legion DP: ([Legion's own raw DP] + [Annexed Barbarians' raw OP]) * [Legion's DP mods]
        • Barbarian OP mods (from prestige and Ib-Tham) have no effect when aiding the Legion.
      • When a Barbarian aids the Legion in an invasion, all Barbarian offensive units are sent out and take the normal 12 ticks to return.
      • When a Barbarian aids the Legion on defense, all Barbarian offensive units come to assistance of the Legion and take 12 ticks to return. — This only triggers if the attacker’s OP is within 85% of the Legion’s DP (including DP from Barbarian OP).
      • Barbarian troops participating in combat suffer base 10% casualties.
      • For the purpose of gold production, Legion’s peasantry is increased by the number of annexed Barbarian peasants.
      • Annexed Barbarians cannot be called upon to invade other Barbarians.
      • Annexed Barbarians cannot be invaded by Imperial dominions.
      • Annexed Barbarians do not invade independently.
      • Annexation is broken when the spell expires or when another dominion hits the Barbarian and liberates them. Freeing a Barbarian from annexation yields 3x prestige gains.
  • Merfolk:
    • Gold provides 2 imp points.
    • Gains 35 food/tick from barren water.
    • Unit gold costs reduced by prestige at a rate of [Prestige]/10000, meaning that 600 prestige yields a 6% discount.
    • Merman replaced with Manta: 0/11 –1,600 gold.
    • Siren replaced with Sea Serpent: 12/7 — 1,800 gold.
    • Leviathan cost changed from 400,000 gold to 425,000 gold.
    • Kraken cost changed from 210,000 gold to 225,000 gold.
  • Sylvan:
    • Dryad cost changed from 44 to 96 mana.
    • Spriggan cost changed from 86 to 204 mana.
  • Swarm:
    • Scorpion cost changed from 400 to 600 gold.
    • Scarab cost changed from 280 to 400 gold.
    • Arachnid cost changed from 600 to 1,100 gold.
    • Centipede cost changed from 880 to 1,200 gold.
  • Undead:
    • Skeletons changed from 3/0 to 3/1.
    • Ghouls changed from 0/2.5 to 0/2.
  • Void
    • Figures count as 1/1.25 spy and wizard on offense.


  • No changes.


  • New — Bloodstone (Beastfolk only, mountains): increases improvement points per blood.
  • New — Legion Garrison (Legion only, plains): houses 60 military units.
  • Helix: changed from +1.5% OP to +1% per 1% (max +100%).
  • New — Pit (Afflicted only): houses 600 Abominations.
  • Taverns: changed from +4% morale to +6% morale per 1% (max +30%).


  • New — Brutality (Beastfolk only): increases offensive power, increases enemy casualties, increases own casualties.
  • New — Compassion (Beastfolk only): increases defensive power, decreases enemy casualties, decreases own casualties.


  • New — Sazal’s Fog (everyone): hides your dominion from Insight.

Spy Ops

  • Steal Blood (Beastfolk only): steal 2% of the target’s blood.

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