Round 68 Changes


  • getRecentlyInvadedCount() changed from default of 6 hours to of 24 ticks.
  • getRecentlyInvadedCountByAttacker() changed from default of 2 hours to 8 ticks. This function is currently used to determine whether additional land is discovered when hitting the same target or whether to ignore range limitations temporarily after a hit.
  • isOwnRealmRecentlyInvadedByTarget() changed from default of 6 hours to 24 ticks. This is used to calculate retaliation-type perks.


  • Unit tooltip now displays the raw OP and DP as of the moment you hover over the tooltip.

For context, the way OP and DP are calculated is by taking the units, looking at each one, summing up the applicable power of each unit’s perks (this is usually called “raw OP/DP”), whereupon mods are added (“mod OP/DP”). Then perks like enemy modifiers (Temples and Glaciers) are added, and finally morale.

Technically, units have two types of defensive and offensive power:

  1. Base: the value that you see in Scribes.
  2. Raw: the value your units have when factoring in perks such as “X DP from Y% Building”, “X OP from Advancement Y”, “XP OP from net victories”, and so on.

However, some perks are not knowable until a context is provided (i.e. an Invasion). These perks are all forms of pairing perks and perks which relate to enemy units (such as the outnumber perks found in Kobold and Beastfolk). These perks are technically speaking just extra power summoned out of thin air and not directly attributable to any single unit.

TL;DR: when you look at a dominion’s units, the OP/DP figures shown in the tooltip include all perks except perks whose effects are not known until there is an invasion.


  • AKA Black Ops 2.0 (for magic).
  • Available immediately when round begins. No delay.
  • Casting hostile spells is now called Sorcery, and is available from a new menu item. It is loosely based on the new theft system, and works like this:
    1. You begin by picking a target (normal range conditions).
    2. Next, you select spell to cast.
    3. Then you select how much Wizard Strength you wish to spend on this sorcery.
    4. Finally, you cast the spell.
  • Mana cost is determined by a base mana cost (which, like for traditional spell casting is a value multiplied by current land size), which is multiplied by the wizard strength. For example, if you are 2,000 acres and a spell has a cost multiplier of 0.1x, it will cost 200 mana per 1% Wizard Strength. So if you spend 100% Wizard Strength on that spell, it will cost you 2,000 * 0.1 * 100 = 20,000 mana.
  • Spell damage is calculated as [Spell Base Damage] * [Sorcery Spell Damage Multiplier]
    • Each spell is assigned Base Damage, which is the value from the old system divided by 4 (just as a starting point).
    • Sorcery Spell Damage Multiplier is calculated as 1 * [Wizard Strength Multiplier] * [Wizard Ratio Multiplier]
      • Wizard strength multiplier is max([Wizard Strength], ([Wizard Strength] * (exp([Wizard Strength]/120)-1))
      • Wizard Ratio multiplier is 1 + (([Caster WPA] - [Target WPA]) / [Caster WPA]), min 0, max 1.5.
    • For auras (passive spells, with a lingering effect), the base damage is the duration of the spell, meaning you can make for example Plague last longer by having stronger wizards or spending extra WS. The multiplier is divided by 20 and spell max duration is capped at 96 ticks.
  • You need a minimum of 4% Wizard Strength and 0.10 WPA to cast a sorcery spell, but you can use as little as 1% on a single sorcery spell.


Black Orc

  • Traits:
    • Starts devoted to Urugdakh.
    • Cannot renounce deity.
  • Units:
    • Bone Breaker: 6/0 — 750 gold, 100 ore.
    • Sootshield: 0/6 — 600 gold, 100 ore.
    • War Priest: 1/2 — 900 gold, 80 ore — +0.006 OP and +0.008 DP per tick devoted to Urugdakh (max +6 OP, +8 DP), increases morale by 1% per 1% of population made up of War Priests.
    • Skull Crusher: — 1,000 gold, 120 ore — 4/4 — +0.5 OP and +0.15 DP per net victory (max +6 and +2 respectively).


  • Traits:
    • Starts devoted to Urugdakh (but can renounce).


  • Berserker changed to: 7/7 — 1 champion — immortal, increases own casualties, increases morale gains, and gains +0.375 OP for every victory in the last 96 ticks (no max).


  • Nobles get -33% theft carry capacity.


  • Wolf gains conversion of displaced peasants to Wolves.
  • Wolf and Bear housing changed from 0.25 to 0.10.
  • Werewolf gains conversion of displaced peasants to Werewolves.


  • No changes.


  • Meadow (Sylvan only): housing changed from 42 to 30.


  • Urugdakh (Black Orc and Orc only) changed to +5% offensive power, +5% offensive power on retaliation, +5% casualties, +5% construction costs.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Bloodrage disabled.
  • Chitin (Swarm only) changed from +10% DP if target is suffering from Insect Swarm to +5% DP and +20% training costs.
  • Druva’s Call changed from +0.25% per hour to +0.08% per tick.
  • Frozen Shores disabled.
  • Insect Swarm renamed Blight.
  • New — Sacrifice to Urugdakh (Black Orc only): kills 5,000 peasants for 50 prestige (96 ticks cooldown).
  • New — Crusade of Urugdakh (Black Orc, Orc only): +0.02% OP per tick devoted to Urugdakh (max +20%), increases enemy casualties by 20%, no land discovered (192 ticks cooldown).
  • ⫷⋗⫸◬ (Void only): 96 ticks cooldown added.

Spy Ops

  • No changes.


  • No changes.

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