Round 81 Changes


  • Deity is now separated from the Government page.
  • Morale is no longer displayed as a percentage.
  • The World Spinner was a little too lenient last round. Will be more aggressive from now on.
  • Ruler and Faction specific pages of the Chronicles (rankings) now highlight the events of the last 20 rounds (as opposed to lifetime).


Artillery dominions no longer have any DP of their own. Instead, a protectorship is established whereby another dominion act as as the protector of the Artillery. The protector is responsible for defending the Artillery dominion over which it has protectorship.

Only Black Orc, Dark Elf, Orc, and Reptilians can be protectors.

Potential protectors can submit protectorship offers to any unprotected Artillery dominions from the Government page. It is also possible to rescind offers. Artillery dominions can accept or decline offers from the Government page. Accepting an offer automatically deletes any other offers. It is not possible to cancel a protectorship once it has been established. Protectorships are permanent.

Each Artillery dominion must have a protector in order to leave magical protection.

The defensive power of Artillery dominions is the defensive power of its protector. Artillery does not build any defensive power by itself. The protector is wholly and solely responsible for the defense of the Artillery.

An invasion against Artillery goes up against the military of the defender but, if successful, takes land from the Artillery and both the protector and the Artillery suffer prestige and morale losses. If the invasion is fended off, the protector gains the prestige and both the protector and the Artillery gain morale.

When the protector is victorious in battle and gets a morale boost, the Artillery gains 25% of that morale boost.

Sazal’s Fog cast by the protector hides the Artillery’s DP, but it does not hide the Artillery from Insight.

Sazal’s Fog cast by the Artillery does not hide the Artillery’s DP, but it does hide the Artillery from Insight.



  • Cadets lose casualty reduction perk.


  • Exempt from 4:3.
  • Minimum two rounds played.
  • No DP from draftees.
  • Sapper changed from 7/9 to 0/0 and cost changed from 900 gold, 50 ore to 500 gold, 40 ore.
  • Cannon cost changed from 3,900 gold, 1,200 ore, 300 lumber to 7,800 gold, 2,400 ore, and 600 lumber.
  • Cannonballs changed from 60/0 to 30/0.

Black Orc

  • Peasant (Peon) ash production changed from 0.20 to 0.10 per tick.
  • Draftee (Guard) ash production changed from 0.10 to 0.05 per tick.


  • Standard Bearer changed from 0/2, and gains 100% attrition and 1 attrition protection per net victory.
  • Arquebusier casualties on victory changed from -25% to -15%.
  • Field Cannon casualties on victory changed from -50% to -25%.
  • Cavalry casualty perk removed.
  • Scythed Chariots changed from 12/0 to 16/0 and casualty reduction perk removed.


  • Thundermaul casualty reduction perk removed.


  • War Mammoth casualties perk changed from -90% to -25%.


  • Armoured Cavalry casualties perk changed from -65% to -35%.
  • Horse Archer casualties perk changed from -50% to -25%.

Sacred Order

  • Fanatic changed from 5/7 to 5/8.

Snow Elf

  • Peacekeeper casualty perk changed from -50% to -20%.
  • Gryphon extra food consumption changed from 3.5 food/tick to 4 food/tick.


  • Scorpion casualties on defense changed from -80% to -25% and on victory from -50% to -25%.
  • Scarab casualties on defense changed from -50% to -25%.
  • Arachnid casualties on defense changed from -50% to -25%.
  • Centipede casualties on offense and defense changed from -50% to -25%.


  • Ghoul crypt body cost removed.
  • Skeletons always suffer 50% casualties (100% casualties if overwhelmed).


  • Gnarl conversion to Ravagers changed from 1.5% to 3%.
  • Nobles casualties reduction perk removed.


  • Fortifications disabled for Artillery.


  • Altar (Demon only) gains +8% food production per 1% owned (max +40%).
  • Aqueducts gain +18% population growth per 1% owned, disabled for Demon.
  • Guard Tower disabled for Artillery.
  • Shrine disabled for Artillery.
  • Strip Mines no longer destroy mountains, they simply leave barren mountain.
  • Temples renamed Watch Towers and lose population growth, and disabled for Artillery.


  • Channelling:
    • Spellcasting: -15% sorcery cost per 1 WPA, +15% sorcery damage per 1 WPA, -20% mana production.
  • Necromantic Fascinations:
    • An Army of The Damned: Wight production changed from 0.01 to 0.004.
    • Bone Hoarder’s Horde: Wight production removed.
    • Champions of Undeath: Wight production changed from 0.02 to 0.008.


  • No changes.


  • Defense disabled for Artillery.
  • Housing disabled for Sacred Order.
  • Sacred Duty unit specific housing changed from 30/6,500 to 40/6,500.
  • New — Sacred Service (Sacred Order only): population bonus 20/4,000, jobs per buildings 10/6,500.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.

Spells and Sorcery

  • Load The Cannons disabled.
  • Sazal’s Charge disabled for Artillery.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.

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