Round 36 Changes

  • War is removed. All ops are available at all times after the 24-hour grace period at the beginning of the round.
  • Peacekeepers League removed.
  • Cost of exploration changed to sqrt(([Total Land] + [Land Incoming]))*([Total Land] + [Land Incoming])/6-1000. This is a small reduction on lower acres but a big increase for long-term exploring.
  • After an attacker’s 10th attack, prestige gains for attacker are multiplied by [Victories] / ([Victories] + [Times Invaded]), meaning if you have 25 victories and have been invaded 10 times, your prestige gains are multiplied by 25/(25+10)=0.7142857143.
  • Three new types of conversion introduced:
    • Full casualties conversion (Sacred Order): basically the old conversion but rewritten to target all casualties (neither more nor less).
    • Displaced peasants conversion (Cult, Sacred Order): all peasants living on the conquered acres are converted. Calculate as[Defender Peasants]/[Defender Size]*[Acres Conquered]. — Does not work against factions that have the “Can only abduct own” perk.
    • Value based conversion (Afflicted): conversions are based on the value of the units killed. [Raw Value Killed By The Converting Unit]*[Multiplier] is the base number of new units created.
  • Embalmer ruler title removed (currently no benefit).
  • Recalling advancements removed (currently no benefit).
  • Big under-the-hood changes to conversion logic to make it easier to maintain and make it possible to combine multiple conversion types for the same units. Expecting hella some bugs.
  • Afflicted:
    • Abomination conversion changed to value conversion with a multipler of 2.
    • Abominations get 0.5% attrition.
    • Pest Rats require 0.75 housing and lose OP.
    • Necromancer cost changed from 800 plat, 10 ore to 800 plat, 1 lumber.
    • Necromancer loses OP.
    • Reaper cost changed from 600 plat, 200 ore, 5% morale to 600 plat, 40 mana, 5% morale.
    • Reaper conversion changed to value conversion with a multiplier of 4.
    • Effect from all Afflicted spells are now affected by Aura and other spell damage reduction bonuses.
  • Ants:
    • Conversion reduction increased from -25% to -35%.
  • Cult:
    • Conversion removed from Disciple and Mystic.
    • Conversion of displace peasants added to Disciple and Mystic.
  • Goblin:
    • +50% cost of exploration.
  • Kobold:
    • -25% conversions.
  • Orc:
    • Voodoo Mage limited to 1 per Warboss (down from 2).
  • Sacred Order:
    • Martyrs require 1/4 housing.
    • Conversion removed from Fanatic and Paladin.
    • Casualties conversion added to Martyr and Paladin.
    • Conversion of displaced peasants added to Martyr, Fanatic, and Paladin.
  • Spirit
    • Rezoning cost lowered from -15% to -30%.
  • Swarm:
    • +25% cost of exploration.
    • +50% duration of exploration.
  • Undead:
    • Skeletons require 1/8 housing.
    • Skeletons lose perk to increase casualties for defender on attack.
    • Skeletons gain Magical attribute, making them ineligible for conversion.

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