Round 50 Changes


  • Improvements 2.0
    • Beta test of Improvement 2.0: there are no known issues/bugs. As of writing, left to do:
      • Support for permanent and temporary improvements damage.
      • Masonries.
      • Unit-pairing and other perks reliant on improvements.
    • Improvements are aspects of your dominion that the government (you) invests resources into. They are not physical manifestations of anything. As such, the new imps are a little more abstract than the old Keeps and Forges et cetera.
    • Each improvement has one or more perks, and each perk has a maximum and a coefficient. The perk value calculation is using the same formula has before.
    • Cartography: increases land generated, reduces cost of exploration.
    • Commerce: increases gold production.
    • Construction: reduced construction and rezoning costs.
    • Defense: increases your defensive power.
    • Espionage: increases spy ratio, reduces spy losses, and increases Forest Haven housing.
    • Housing: increases max population.
    • Farming: increases food production.
    • Logging: increases lumber production.
    • Medicine: reduces offensive and defensive casualties.
    • Mobilisation: reduces unit gold and ore costs.
    • Offense: increases your offensive power.
    • Research: increases XP production.
    • Stonecutting: increases ore production.
    • Wizardry: increases wizard ratio, mana production, spell damage, and increases Wizard Guilds housing.
    • Other special improvements:
      • Unit Pairing: a perk added to some improvements for factions that have a pairing or amount limit increasable by an improvement. For example, Nox has a Nox variant of Wizardry, which has all the same perks as Wizardry plus the Unit Pairing perk with the same max/coefficient as the other perks.
      • Harbour (Armada only): same as Farming but has unit pairing increase.
      • Tissue (Growth only): increases population and food production.
  • Some factions are tagged as Experimental. Playing an experimental faction means you understand that it has changes which are deemed experimental and while they have passed some basic screening, they might be overpowered. If they are, the dominion may be locked, but not for any rule violation; only for the good of the round.


  • Black Orc
    • Skull Crusher gains +0.15 DP per net victory, max +2.
  • Cult:
    • Disciple production of Initiates lowered from 0.012 to 0.008 per tick.
  • Goblin:
    • Skulker replaced with Warmonger: 2/3 (T12) — 600 gold, 65 ore — gains +0.50 OP and +0.25 DP for every individual improvement you have invested at least 20 million improvement points into (no max).
  • Human:
    • Knight cost changed from 1,250 gold, 100 ore to 1,100 gold, 100 ore.
  • Orc:
    • Pop bonus raised from +10% to +20%.
    • Impaler cost changed from 500 gold, 50 ore to 480 gold, 50 ore.
    • Warboss cost changed from 1,400 gold, 200 ore to 1,200 gold, 200 ore.
  • Sylvan:
    • No lumber production.
    • Can use mana for improvements: 6 points per mana.
    • Each barren acre produces 40 mana/tick.
    • Leshy cost changed from 300 gold, 25 lumber to 300 gold, 8 mana.
    • Spriggan cost changed from 600 lumber, 36 mana to 372 mana.
  • Troll:
    • Unique improvements:
      • These are generally the same as standard imps but max is set twice as high.
      • Bashing: Defense
      • Building: Construction
      • Glimmering: Commerce
      • Hunting: Farming
      • Muttering: Wizardry
      • Nesting: Housing
      • Sneaking: Espionage
      • Training: Mobilisation
      • Trampling: Cartography except no exploration perk
      • Uprooting: Logging
  • Undead:
    • Skeleton and Ghoul pairing limit per Necromancer lifted.
  • Vampire:
    • Gnarls gain +4 OP at night instead of +1.
    • Ravagers gain +6 OP at night instead of +2.
  • Void
    • Can use mana for improvements: 4 points per mana.
    • Unique improvements:
      • Coils: increases OP (max +50%) and reduces offensive casualties (max -80%)
      • Cones: increases mana production (max +80%)
      • Halo: increases DP (max +25%) and reduces defensive casualties (max -50%).
      • Haze: reduces unit mana costs (max -20%).
      • Prism: increases population (max +100%) and population growth.
      • Waves: faster training (max -80%, rounded up to nearest integer tick value) and chance of instant return (max 50%, instant return is calculated during invasion and if the return is instant, units are immediately returned home).
  • Wood Elf:
    • Loses +20% lumber production perk.
    • Gains 60/tick from barren forest.
    • Gains +10 barren forest housing and 20 jobs per barren forest acre.
    • Unique improvement:
      • Forestry: increases lumber production (max +25%) and population growth (max +35%).


  • New — Lens (Void only, mountains): increases peasants drafted by 10% for every 1% (max +1,000%), -4 mana/tick.
  • Mana Tree: no longer available to Sylvan.
  • Masonry renamed School.
  • Mosaic changed from +2% land generated per 1% to +4% (max +400%).
  • Oculus changed from +2% WPA/SPA per 1% to +5% (max +500%).
  • Orchard: loses lumber production multiplier, gains
  • Plantation removed.
  • New — Stronghold (Troll only, mountain): same as School (formerly Masonry), and reduces gem theft by 5% for every 1% (max -100%).


  • New — Elska’s Sight (Reptilians only): +2% spy strength recovery per tick. 90% becomes 96% the next tick with this spell active (4+2) not 94.08% (90+4*1.02).

Spy Ops

  • Castle Spy renamed Improvements Spy.
  • Convert Draftees disabled.
  • Convert Peasants disabled.

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